What’s In My Bag?

So often, people want to know what I am shooting with.  Lucky for your I have finally gotten around to sharing with the world – what’s in my bag!IMG_7108

  • I have two camera bodies, so that in the event of a mis-hap the shooting goes on, or for event photography where I am shooting in a fast paced mode and I am not wanting to stop to swap lenses and miss a key moment.  My main camera is the 5d Mark iii and my back up baby, the one I began my business with is a 5d Mark ii.
  • My favorite lens, albeit heavy as anything is my Canon 70-200.
  • Coming in at a close second is my Canon 24-70.  This lens is incredible versatile and much easier to take with me any & everyday.
  • For all the little details of a newborn shoot or capturing small details while traveling or capturing food shots I’ll swap out for my beloved Canon 50 mm macro lens.
  • For the most fun of all though, I like to play with my Lensbabies!  I use both my Sweet35 and Edge80 in conjunction with my Composer Pro to create funky & out of the box captures.

I am squeezing all of this and so much more (not pictured) into my LowePro backpack, sometimes it’s so heavy I have a hard time staying upright!

Not pictured above:IMG_0015

Stay tuned to see what’s on my wish list!