He’s 1!

My shoot in Palo Alto last week was so much fun!  This little guy just recently turned one and I absolutely can not believe it, because just mere months before he rolled over for the first time during his 4 month shoot!  They grow so fast and he is no exception, he was running so fast he gave me a workout!
Do you prefer the black & white images or the color ones better?  Let me know by commenting below!

  • These are extraordinary pictures….of course, you have an enchanting subject.
    Black and White is classic, timeless, a little mysterious, very “arty”.
    Color is immediate, expressive, explosive, very “of the instant”.
    You are an extremely talented photographer. Thank you.
    Doting Grandma

  • I believe that the first comment was also me having trouble with signing into google.
    Doting Grandma

  • Mary Bea said:

    Thanks for the comment "doting grandma" - we always love the feedback!