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Candyland Concept Photo Shoot

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

lollipop, underwater, lollipop dress, blonde, pink blush, concept photo shoot

If you’re over 30 (Am I making myself sound old?), I’m sure you remember the beloved board game, Candyland. As a child, Candyland captured my imagination. It is in the spirit of nostalgia that I have planned a large project that involves bringing board games “to life”! Bottling up the fun essence of my favorite games, in photographs, began as a land-based idea.

black backdrop, underwater photo, lollipop dress, Chasing Fireflies, blue goggles, girl

I rolled and kneaded this project in my brain for at least a year, brainstorming. Then, I illustrated my thoughts on paper.

After I played with black backdrops at the Underwater Kids retreat, my project concept moved from land to water. Armed with illustrations and a used Chasing Fireflies lollipop costume I found on eBay, I set out to create a recognizable series of images. My goal was to capture the merriness of Candyland, in a photo shoot!

black backdrop, underwater picture, concept photo shoot, Candyland, legs, tulle skirt, rainbow

I coveted the Chasing Fireflies lollipop costume for what seemed like forever. It was the best luck that I found the right size on eBay! I absolutely love how the costume ensemble came together. The colors, the makeup, and the lollipops create photos worthy of Willy Wonka himself, I say!

candyland, concept photo shoot, black backdrop, lollipop dress, Chasing Fireflies, girl

Underwater photography provides many opportunities for learning. This shoot was no exception! Lollipops lose their coloring quickly under water. I purchased lively lollipop inflatables that couldn’t be used to my vision. (Kids are too light to pull inflatables down to the bottom of a pool and float back up to the surface.)

San Jose underwater photography, pool, blue pool, lollipop dress, girl, brown hair, brown eyes, concept photo shoot

If you’re a photographer, concept photo shoots are an ideal way to stretch yourself creatively. Also, concept photo shoots are a wonderful way to use your “off season”. Be inspired!

If you’re a client, working with your photographer on a concept photo shoot is a great opportunity to showcase unique art of your family.

kaleidoscope photography, lollipop, underwater photography, underwater kids

Visit my blog in 2020! Will your favorite game be featured in my concept series? What’s your favorite childhood board game? Let me know by commenting, and be sure to contact me so we can work together to bring your underwater vision to life!

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