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COVID-19 Shelter in Place Family Photos

During these challenging times, I have found it most rewarding to focus on the beautiful, if somewhat mundane, bits of everyday life. The good, the bad and the ugly. Without the bad and the ugly, there can be no good. I was lucky enough to have these beautiful people within my "bubble", so when our area was not on a full lockdown I could document this time for them. It is a time, admittedly, that while some of us may want to forget, it is my hope that we won't.

black and white image of a little girl wearing a striped shirt with her hair blowing in the breeze
black and white image of a dad's hands fixing jewelry onto a Jellycat narwhal as his daughter looks on from the foreground
black and white image of a little girl laughing as she falls down on a trampoline; her brother's arm is around her as they fall together

To get through the challenges of "Zoom school", with working parents right on the other wall, is to be able to open our eyes to all that our kids need (even if, at times, we want to pull our hair out, have a glass of wine, and go to bed at 6 pm). I count myself as one of the lucky ones because my kids are too young to be online for school. However, our challenges have come in other forms. We don’t have much family close by so our 3.5 year-old relishes his FaceTime calls with his grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Our 1 year-old, on the other hand, continues to believe the phone is a chew toy and hopefully won’t be too scared of the real world once things return to a new normal and we can take her out of the house more often. We can't wait for her to experience airplanes and show her all the people, places and things we enjoyed sharing with our firstborn. All in due time.

black and white photo of a second grade boy pretending to take the photographer's picture with a vintage Fisher Price toy camera
second grade via Zoom; black and white photograph

I am, by nature, an introvert, so this whole thing was A-okay with me for quite a while. Like the rest of us, though, I am quite ready to be done with it now. Once it is over and the family Zoom calls, birthday drive-by parades, and mask wearing is behind us, I do foresee myself looking back and missing some of those quieter days. There is something freeing about quite literally having nowhere to go and no one to see. However, that longing will not be able to replace the joy and happiness that will be being able to hug our loved ones again.

second grader hanging out in his family play room; black and white image
black and white image of a mom with her hair in a ponytail helping her young daughter get a snack out of the pantry
second grade school work via Zoom; school on the computer
black and white photo of a little girl holding up her Camelbak water bottle to her dad so he can fill it up

Please don’t forget this time was hard. But, if nothing else, this time also taught us patience, appreciation for the small things, and that civilization is anything but invincible. As we move forward, let us not forget that. Let us be kind to one another, to all living things, and to our planet.

black and white photograph of a little girl skipping along a sidewalk with her shadow
black and white picture of a little girl and her mom doodling with sidewalk chalk during the coronavirus pandemic in California

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