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Holiday Gifting for Kids

Toys and gifts are going fast, so it's time to get shopping!

First and foremost I need to tell you that I am an "experience" kind of gift giver. I know that memories made are guaranteed to last longer and mean more than any one thing. That being said, I also LOVE playing Santa, and have incredibly fond memories of birthdays and Christmases filled with beautifully wrapped gifts. Needless to say, I can’t help myself from indulging in a bit of holiday shopping.

This year, with the news of all the holiday shipping delays I am getting a head start. I'm also continuing to try to shop small and locally. If a Mary Bea Photo session isn’t on the list this year, here’s a few more ideas for you!

This holiday season, there are plenty of toys that'll help kids explore their interests, get in touch with their creative sides, and help them sharpen their skills, all while having loads of fun. For artistic types, there's art they can display in their rooms. For influencer style, there are beautiful baby toys that will help new parents create "content" that shows off their ability to curate only the most stylish things. And for the Montessori fans, all play is learning, since it helps them get their imaginations working and their bodies moving.

With all that in mind, here are my favorite gifts for 2021:

  • I saw these rainbow sweatshirts as part of a Bravery Magazine giveaway (which would also be a great gift). These sweatshirts will definitely be coming home for the whole family!

  • This San Francisco kids store is one of my all-time favorites. They always curate everything I want for the kids. One of the gifts I most frequently give is the Large Pastel Rainbow by Grimm's! Okay, we might have a bit of a rainbow theme going on, here ...

  • I recently discovered these Montessori climbing racks, and I know my climbers are going to go wild for these.

  • Patrick Hruby creates art that will brighten up any room. We have his ABC book, and I love his style.

  • Ashleigh Verrier makes the prettiest things. The sparkles she includes in her work are life.

  • Pop into your local bookstore to purchase this new gem from Amanda Gorman. I pre-ordered Change Sings months ago, and the kids and I are loving

I'd love to see your favorite gifts. Leave me a comment, or tag me on social and tell me about 'em.

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