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Image Competition

So I am admittedly lame at submitting images for competition. Something I am working on improving during 2015. Starting with the image below. I have submitted it to the NAPCP Image Competition. Wish me luck! It will be critiqued no matter what so I can’t wait to hear what the judges think.

This image is of my 5 year old nephew Emmett (4 at the time the image was shot). He is both a total love and a total wrecking ball at times 🙂 He is bigger than he knows. I titled this image The Woodworker’s Son because the focus of this shoot was actually the beautiful play house my Brother-in-Law built for my niece but she was feeling less than cooperative in the photo shoot department so her brother happily stood in. Today my sister shared with us an assignment Emmett is working on in Kindergarten, writing non-fiction stories. As a part of the assignment he had to list things he’s an “expert” in.

His list:

  1. sounding out

  2. back swimming

  3. loving

  4. being adventurous

He is as sweet as this image illustrates. Having great subject matter goes a long way in creating beautiful photographs and I hope that is reflected here.

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