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Pacifica Cozy Newborn Session

The holidays have come and gone, and what's next? Valentine's Day! This sweet holiday so often goes unnoticed but can be a lot of fun and is as good as any holiday, in my book! As a matter of fact, I've already been chatting with my clients about how we can celebrate the season of love. Contact me to get first dibs on booking!

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newborn baby boy with two fingers in his mouth, mother and father looking down at their newborn son

For this cozy newborn session, I had the pleasure of visiting the beautiful Pacifica, California. Surprisingly, I've never visited Pacifica previously, but let me tell you - the views are next-level! Some of you probably already know how delightful the views in this area are! It's definitely a place to chase rainbows. Keep scrolling for an exquisite example of a fantastic Pacifica home!

black and white image of a newborn baby boy with his mouth slightly open, wrapped in a Yoda and Ewok swaddle
black and white image of a father changing his newborn son at the foot of a piece of furniture lined with a Star Wars swaddle blanket
black and white image of a new mother and father looking down at their newborn son, with their little dog, Love Shack pillow, textured couch, black and white framed photo wall

Lots of style for this session. Beginning with the adorable family. This little babe's dad, along with a family friend, painted the fabulous mural of Tahoe in the nursery. Get this - dad doesn't usually paint. Can you believe that?!

smiling baby newborn boy wrapped in an Ewok and Yoda swaddle, dark gray textured background
black and white image of mother and father cradling and kissing their newborn son

I love how mom styled their new family casually and classically. It looked perfectly on this family as they layered cozy knits with light textures like chambray for their in-home newborn portrait session.

black and white image of new parents framing their newborn baby boy
black and white picture of a newborn baby boy on a mat with his parents' arms reaching into the frame

And how about baby boy's precious little face? So adorable. He was a bit outside the normal newborn age for portraits but was incredibly sweet and low-key, and beyond easy-going! They'll remember these moments forever!

white crib in front of a wall mural of Emerald Cove, Lake Tahoe, nursery
yawning baby boy wearing a navy onesie with an embroidered walrus wearing a hat and scarf

This beautiful mama was told, as she was admitted to the hospital for labor, that she was positive for COVID-19, requiring her to wear a mask and keep as much distance as possible from her newborn for the first two weeks of his life! I can't even begin to imagine this experience but she was able to laugh about it. I say, if she can handle that, she's on course to handle anything!

dad holding his newborn baby son in a quintessential California nursery, colorful books, white bookshelf, California pillow, wooden rocker
delicate sapling with fairy lights, baby duck boots, naturally framed mirror, California nursery decor

I'd love to create a special session with you! You can contact me here!

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