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It’s hard in this digital age to figure out the best way to display images of your family throughout your home.  One of my favorite ways is through acrylic prints.  Recently I was lucky enough to discover Bumblejax, an acrylic print manufacturer out of Seattle, WA.  The quality of product and service that I experienced working with them was unlike any other, they are a fantastic company!  The ready-to-hang acrylics are beautiful but what truly sets them apart are the 1″ acrylic blocks that stand alone and will make an impression on anyone who sees the product.

sparkly little girl
valentines pink sparkling little girl
sparkly little girl acrylic print

Acrylic prints are one of my favorite ways to print my images because I am all about incredible color & vibrancy!  Printing my images on high quality paper behind varying levels of acrylic only works to enhance the rich colors that I strive for in my images.

1/2″ Acrylic, arrives ready to hang

The wonderful thing about this product that I think sets it apart from other styles (such as wood prints) is that it works great not just for portraits but also for landscapes.  This image of Venice, Italy was printed in metallic and that served the image so well, it enhanced the 3 dimensionality of the image and the color so much so that every time I look at it I feel that I am transported back in time to the sights and smells of Venice. 

The detail that is captured in these high quality prints is unparalleled.

Acrylic print

I’ve had acrylic prints from other labs before but Bumblejax’s quality, attention to detail and customer satisfaction truly put them lightyears ahead of the rest of the competition.  I can’t wait to share their products with more and more Mary Bea Photography families!

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