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The Value of Photographs – Why You Need Family Portraits

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As a professional photographer, I hear all the time why families delay portrait sessions:

  1. “We’re so busy. I don’t know how we could fit family portraits into our schedule.”

  2. “My family is a bunch of weirdos. I’m afraid we won’t act ‘right’ for our family portrait session.”

  3. “I don’t think I want to see myself in pictures right now.”

  4. “I have no idea how family portrait sessions work. It doesn’t sound fun.”

I understand. Really, I do! The concept of a “photo shoot” kinda sounds miserable. Now, let me explain from the point of view of your child why all your excuses are moot.

Although looking at pictures of myself as a baby is fun, these are not the photographs I hold most dear. The images I treasure most are the ones of my parents and me together. Silly faces, toothy smiles, that connection to them. These photographs are priceless to me.

As families grow, sometimes moms avoid the camera. Or always choose to play photographer. As a mom myself, I know the insecurity that can surround being in pictures with your children.

I want to change this mindset. Why?

When your children look at these images, years from now, they will not see the imperfections you so critically point out about yourself. Your children will see their mother. The woman who juggled everything, who made them feel like the center of her world. They will see the changes from year to year, how they grew and how special your family is.

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Unconditional Love

In our family, we place an emphasis on the gift of experiences (read: time!). Investing in a family portrait session is one way to do this. We can capture beautiful candid images, or even tie them in to a day when you might have a special event or occasion and document a Day in the Life.

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Tell the story of your family as it is today.

When you book a family portrait session, it’s not only about having the “holiday card picture”. Although, I am such a sucker for a gorgeous, festive card! I love receiving them, I love sending them, and I love filling my mantle with photos and updates from people I care about and love. But more than that, a family portrait session is a chance to embrace the beauty in the chaos. Each and every stage of family life is so fleeting. Take action and ensure your children remember your life together accurately and sublimely.

Create memories. Preserve your family history. Give the gift of time.

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If you are thinking about booking a family portrait session with Mary Bea Photography, please contact me here.

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