Why You Should Add Underwater Photography to Your Next Session

Guess what? Did you know I do underwater photography? (Hopefully you answered "Yes!" to that question.) I thought explaining a bit more about what my underwater photography involves would make a fabulous blog post. So, as a result, here are my top 5 reasons you should add underwater photography to your next session.

1 :: Anyone can have an underwater session. You don’t have to have any superpowers to be photographed underwater. For safety reasons, I do ask that you and your children are able to swim, able to open your eyes underwater, and able to hold your breath for short, intermittent periods of time. In my experience, the most important thing is that my clients feel relatively comfortable underwater. (Note: If the thought of having your head underwater makes you feel sick, then underwater photography probably isn't for you!) I’ve found that most of my clients who are interested in underwater sessions are “water people”. That being said, you definitely do not have to be an Olympic diver to get the most out of my underwater photography!

black and white underwater image of a child surfacing

2 :: Underwater photography adds a truly unique and awesome experience to your session. Water has this interesting, nearly magical quality of making things look so gorgeous. Clients tell me all the time that they are amazed at how gorgeous the images are, when they see their finished galleries. Of course I'll take some credit for that, but it's also - in part - due to the effect of the water! I want to see your family's natural interactions and personalities, and showcase that through our session so when you look back at your images, you see all of your most unique qualities on display.

black and white image of a father and son swimming underwater
vibrant and colorful image of a little boy climbing out of a pool

3 :: I'm experienced and will guide you every step of the way.

colorful underwater image of a mother and son in a pool

4 :: I am happy to come to your home if your pool is suited for a session, head to the beach if your life revolves around water, or even travel! Clear water is the most important factor for underwater photography success. Safety is where working with a professional underwater photographer – not someone who wants to try it for the first time – is essential. Any time I need to, I have an assistant for safety.

underwater image of a child splashing into a pool wearing a floatie
underwater image of a little girl on a pool noodle with a dark background
underwater image of a boy diving into water that appears deep

5 :: Underwater photography gives you the freedom to express yourself in fun new ways. It’s a unique way to express your personality and get something different from anything else out there! Professional underwater photography is a growing, but still small niche. The possibilities for our underwater time together are endless. We can also easily incorporate underwater photography into a half-day family session, to tell your family's story!

I hope this post opens up a whole new world of possibilities for you. How would you feel about incorporating underwater photography into your next session?

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